Workshop on

Future of Gamma Spectroscopy at LNL: GASP and CLARA Arrays


Legnaro - Padova, Italy

March 3 - 5, 2004

The workshop on "Future of Gamma Spectroscopy at LNL: GASP and CLARA Arrays" (GAMMA2004) took place in Legnaro (Padova), Italy from March 3 to 5, 2004 and was jointly organized by the INFN Padova and INFN Legnaro.

The aim of the workshop was to open discussions on theoretical and experimental aspects of the γ-ray spectroscopy and nuclear structure employing the GASP and CLARA arrays and their ancillary detectors with stable ion beams at the Laboratori Nazionali di Legnaro. The sessions were partly covered by invited speakers and partly by oral presentations selected from the submitted abstracts.

Wednesday, March 3 (9:30 - 18:00) - "Sala Villi", Laboratori Nazionali di Legnaro
9.30 Welcome
  G. Bisoffi (LNL) LNL accelerators: status and perspectives [PDF 2MB]
  A. Gadea (LNL) Status of the CLARA-PRISMA project
  R. Menegazzo (Padova) Status of the GASP project [PDF 6.7MB]
11.00 Coffee Break
11.30 F. Azaiez (Orsay) Physics with high intensity stable beams [PDF 1.2MB]
  N. Rowley (Strasbourg) Gamma-ray experiments related to heavy-ion fusion
  B. Fornal (Cracow) Gamma-spectroscopy with deep inelastic reactions
13.00 Lunch
14.30 J. Dudek (Strasbourg) Tethraedral rotational bands
  D. Ackermann (GSI) Super-heavy elements production [PDF 8MB]
15.30 Coffee Break
16.00 A. Dewald (Köln) Plunger experiments at GASP: present status and future plans [PDF 1.2MB]
  E.C. Pollacco (Saclay) SeD development [PDF 4.7MB]
  R. Chapman (Paisley) Neutron-rich nuclei from deep inelastic reactions [PDF 1.5MB]
  L. Corradi (LNL) Vibrational states in transfer reactions [PDF 2MB]
18.00 End of session
19.00 Social Evening
Thursday, March 4 (9:30 - 18:00) - "Sala Villi", Laboratori Nazionali di Legnaro
9.30 D. Bonatsos (Bochum) Dynamical symmetries: theory
  S. Harissopulos (Bochum) Dynamical symmetries: experiments [PDF 5.7MB]
  P. Regan (Surrey) Collective and symmetry studies with CLARA+PRISMA [PDF 1.7MB]
11.00 Coffee Break
11.30 H. Hübel (Bonn) Triaxiality in nuclei [PDF 2.9MB]
  C. Fahlander (Lund) LuSiA spectrometer at GASP
  F. Cristancho (Colombia - Lund) Thermodynamical signatures of phase transition in the nuclear continuum [PDF 0.6MB]
13.00 Lunch
14.30 P. Bizzeti (Firenze) E1 transitions in self-conjugate and mirror nuclei [PDF 1.2MB]
  R. Broda (Cracow) 48Ca region from GASP and CLARA; 147Gd high spin isomer
15.30 Coffee Break
16.00 W. Meczynski (Cracow) RFD + GASP [PDF 8.1MB]
  E. Farnea (Padova) The ISIS/Euclides particle detectors at GASP [PDF 0.6MB]
  C.A. Ur (Legnaro) Neutron detectors at GASP. New GASP Configuration III ? [PDF 2.5MB]
  A. Saltarelli (Camerino) Conversion electron measurements: a miniorange detector at GASP [PDF 0.7MB]
  D. Balabanski (Camerino) Shear bands in the Pb region: moments and lifetimes [PDF 1.3MB]
18.00 End of session
Friday, March 5 (9:30 - 13:00) - "Sala Villi", Laboratori Nazionali di Legnaro
9.30 V. Voskressenski (Dubna) CORSET + GASP [PDF 0.7MB]
  M. Gorska (GSI) 100Sn region at Euroball and GASP [PDF 1.1MB]
  I. Ray (Ganil) Spectroscopy of Br nuclei
11.00 Coffee Break
11.30 R.M. Lieder (Jülich) M1 bands in Eu and Gd [PDF 0.6MB]
  A. Latina (Torino) Analyzing PRISMA data [PDF 1.8MB]
12.30 End of the workshop
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